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Be Well Crisis Helpline is Helping Hoosiers in Distress During the Pandemic

The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration have responded to the increase in calls received to suicide hotlines in the state. The coronavirus pandemic has affected individuals’ daily lives significantly in many ways including their mental health. As a result, the Be Well Crisis Helpline was created to be a resource for Hoosiers struggling with their mental well-being. The helpline is staffed with counselors and available to take calls 24 hours a day every day of the week. 


The helpline was linked specifically to the emotional trauma that people in the state have been experiencing since the pandemic struck. To access the helpline, residents of the state can dial 211. Free to use, a person in need will quickly be connected with a hotline worker. Since the pandemic started, similar support hotlines have seen a noted increase in calls. When comparing calls to the year prior, there was a 54% increase in calls about suicide between March and June received by the hotline of Families First Indiana.


What is the Be Well Crisis Helpline?


For all Indiana residents who are struggling with a mental health issue such as grief, stress, depression, or worry, when these feelings become too much to handle, the Be Well Crisis Helpline is a helpful resource. The helpline is staffed by trained call takers who can help someone who is overwhelmed feel better and provide them with resources to better manage their situation. All of the resources have been gathered by the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction. The resources have been certified by local and national experts. The Be Well Crisis Helpline provides reliable information to the public that they can feel safe using and trusting.


Divorce a Huge Source of Anxiety 


When people are dealing with divorce in normal circumstances, the process is unforgiving. It can cause major disruption in a divorcing spouse’s emotional health. Anxiety and depression can develop, even feelings of rage or utter hopelessness can arise. If you are going through a divorce during this remarkable time in our history, these feelings may be even more exaggerated given all of the other difficult challenges the world is facing. It is important to connect with professional resources to help you through these strenuous times.


Lifestyle surveys show that divorce is one of the most trying situations a person can go through. When children are involved, the worry about how they will be affected and how your relationship with them will change only increases. If your mental health is waning and it is also leading you to engage in destructive behavior such as increased alcohol consumption or drug abuse, seeking treatment and support is a critical first step to helping you cope with your situation. Working with a compassionate Indiana divorce lawyer who will help you achieve the best outcome for your situation can also be beneficial.


Where can You Find a Caring Indiana Divorce Attorney?


It is important that you take care of yourself and not allow your health to deteriorate when you are facing divorce. Christopher L. Arrington, P.C. understands how emotionally challenging divorce can be and as an Indiana collaborative divorce attorney, he will help you through your divorce in the most painless way possible. Call Christopher L. Arrington, P.C. today at (317) 745-4494 to schedule your free consultation at our Danville family law firm.

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