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Apps Help Divorced Couples Co-Parent in Indiana

While not true for every divorcing couple, many ex-spouses exist that have a difficult time co-parenting. Whether the divorce was contentious and toxic or if two parents just can not get on the same page, co-parenting can be difficult. Each parent has to keep up with changing schedules, have clear communication with each other, and try to get along throughout the entire process. Specifically, when the divorce did not go smoothly, two ex-spouses may be unable to effectively co-parent children because they cannot even be around each other.

If you and your spouse are in the midst of a high-conflict divorce in Indiana, or even if you and your spouse are handling the situation more amicably, Christopher L. Arrington is a Danville divorce attorney who can help you through your divorce. You may be needing help with parenting time and child custody issues or you may be in search of an attorney to handle an Indiana collaborative divorce. Christopher L. Arrington can assist you and support you through all of your family legal matters.

Can Technology Help Parents Communicate After Divorce?

Technology can come in handy in many ways. This was especially true for the past two years while the world was dealing with life in a pandemic. For two parents who are struggling with clear and smooth communication with each other to co-parent, technology may be the key to making things work. There are several co-parenting apps that are designed specifically to help parents who are divorced take better care of their children in the most cohesive way.

  • Our Family Wizard gives parents the ability to create their own account and then add approved users to it. This may include grandparents, children, or even family therapists. Communication between parties on an account is archived and so are court records. The app can also identify argumentative words and phrases.
  • 2Houses can do many things including communication between parents, managing schedules, handling expenses associated with the children, adding helpful notes, and uploading photos. 
  • Parentship uses a dashboard to provide each parent access to busy calendars, sets off reminders when appointments and engagements come up, and also has a place to store all important documentation like a child’s social security card, for example.
  • DivorceWorks helps parents work on their ability to co-parent more successfully and address emotional issues. This app also provides resources for working through a divorce like support groups and journaling. There is also the ability to track schedules and make notes regarding events that are happening or upcoming.

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Even under the best circumstances, divorce is not easy. This is especially true when children are involved forcing two incompatible people to have to stay in contact. If you are thinking of divorce in Indiana or have been served with divorce papers call Christopher L. Arrington. Christopher L. Arrington, a skilled and compassionate Indiana divorce attorney, will get you through your divorce in the least stressful way possible. Call Christopher L. Arrington today to schedule your free initial consultation at (317) 745-4494.

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